Author Topic: RPG Plugin development 13-06-2021  (Read 577 times)

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RPG Plugin development 13-06-2021
« on: June 13, 2021, 07:48:16 pm »
Feel free to give any feedback or request anything to be added today.

  • Add lore about classes to vanilla armor.
  • Update Krusk spawn item to recommended gear.
  • Remake rpg commands.
  • Extend the "fake death" to other deaths and take appropriate actions.
  • Limit boss spawns to 1 per player/party.
  • Prevent boss spawns from being picked up by hoppers.
  • Update gear score calculations.
  • Fix being able to delete the finished product in the forge by clicking again.
  • Fix being able to forge enchants with items which already had those enchants.
  • Update Krusk drops to say the tier they are from.
  • Fix totems not working.

  • General Changes
    • Deaths to custom mobs will no longer result in you dropping or losing items and xp.
    • A sound is played when a player dies now.
    • Potion effects are now removed on death.
    • Death messages now have extra flavor when death is to a mob or player.
    • Custom mobs will now be removed upon killing a player.
    • There is now a basic system setup to calculate gear score. A more transparent version will likely be worked on then released.
    • Custom death messages will now use the gear score of the player to determine color of their name.
    • Items when converted now show their tier.
  • Krusk Changes
    • Krusk's damage is down from (20)- > (10)
    • The damage of his minions are also down from (5) -> (2.5) and (2.5) -> (1)
    • Krusk now actually has no armor.
    • Krusk's minions now have no armor.
    • Beefy Krusk minions have their health increased from (45) -> (60). Combined with armor change this is a net nerf to effective health.
  • Forge Changes
    • Different types of protection are no longer conflicting in the forge.
    • Bug fix - Closing the forge at any time will no longer clear your items from existence.
  • Parties
    • Started skeleton implementation of /party and additional sub commands.
  • Eiryeras Changes
    • Started skeleton implementation of Eiryeras and the boss mechanics.
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Re: RPG Plugin development 13-06-2021
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