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To quote sourceforge on the topic of X-Ray, "Minecraft X-Ray is a program whose primary purpose is to aid in finding valuable ores and resources inside a Minecraft world." As time has passed so has X-Ray exploits evolved. The most common form of X-Ray we see on the server are players using a resource back to render stone invisible. Additional forms of X-Ray involve the use of a hacked client which again renders stone, dirt and other items invisible so one can see just the ores, chests, or spawners. These are explicitly prohibited as it ruins the economy when players have easy access to what others may have to put in numerous hours to obtain. Other methods through blacklisted modification of the client which result in a similar effect are not allowed.

I would like to clarify that bugs in the existing Minecraft client and whitelisted modifications (See Allowed Modifications) are technically X-Ray. However as they exist in the base game or through modifications we have allowed, all players have access to these bugs, and we will not issue bans. If you were banned using one of these bugs please walk us through the setup on how to recreate the bug so we can recognize when players are using the bug and prevent further false bans.

1st Offense - 1 Day Ban
2nd Offense - 1 Week Ban
3rd Offense - Perma-Ban

You can reply bellow for clarifications.


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