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10-06-2021 Plugin Development
« on: June 10, 2021, 10:16:27 pm »
Feel free to give any feedback or request anything to be added today.

  • Add lore about classes to vanilla armor
  • Allow anvils to use unsafe enchants, update name colors on enchant.
  • Give zombies a small chance to drop the Krusk spawn item.
  • Update Krusk spawn item to recommended gear.

  • Krusk Changes
    • Krusk will now drop an Undead Chestplate at 8%
    • Krusk will now drop his Rare helmet at 4%
    • Krusk when hit has a 20% chance to apply Weakness 1 to the attacker for 10 seconds.
    • Krusk has new summoning effects which will be clearer and nicer to spawn the boss where you want.
    • At 40% life Krusk will gain Poison 2 for 10 seconds and summon 3 aids nearby.
    • Attacking Krusk, and any boss mob, whilst they are in water will strike the attacker with lighting.
    • Krusk will always be an adult zombie... no more little murder bots.
    • Krusk is now spawned by dropping his boss summon available in /shop not by dropping 16 rotten flesh.
  • Item Changes
    • Krusk's Lore is now a Heroic item.
    • Add a Krusk Boss spawn item to the shop.
    • DarkHelm
      • Armor (8.0) -> (0.75)
      • Max Health (0) -> (8.0)
  • Command Changes
    • /summonrpg now takes an optional second argument for the number to spawn. If no second arg is given then only one is spawned. New usage is as follows, /summonrpg <mob> <amnt>
    • /shop now sells cookies <5-1> under the food table, and rotten flesh <100-1> in the mobs drop tab. Additionally you can buy Krusk spawn<1,000> items from the shop.
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