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Week 1 Updates
« on: February 22, 2021, 05:08:28 am »
We did a lot of things that were staff facing this week. You can probably expect a longer list next week and thing for things to die down a bit as we get started on some larger projects.

- Per player plots is now 25
- Town caps have been adjusted accordingly with the intention of still rewarding those who build together.

- Water Breathing 10minutes has been added to the shop for 1k coins
- Night Vision 10minutes has been added to the shop for 1k coins

- We have added classes to the PvE and PvP experience! Expect us to build more on this in the future.
- Added Assassin Class
- Added Bard Class
- Added Beserker Class
- Added Paladin Class <--- Thank you ser1618!
- You can now use /classleave to leave your current class and /classjoin to join another class! Now I don't have to spend 5minutes changing around everyone's class xD
- If you forgot the class you were in you can always do /classleaveall and then just join a new one!

What to look forward to.
- Pvp Arena with kits
- Pyromancer class
- Marksmen class
- PvE Classes?